Venice and its Land


In Venice light and water mix together and create a magic atmosphere, between dream and reality, between past and present, the unreality of this fascinating city never ceases to amaze the visitor. Let's discover it on foot, let's get lost in the narrow streets and small squares and let's take the soul of this place suspended between the green-blue lagoon and the blue of Heaven.

But the Lagoon is not only Venice: you must not miss to visit Murano, known throughout the world for its glass manufacturing industry, Burano, famous not only for its lace but also for its fishermen's houses painted in bright colours, and Torcello, the earliest centre of civilisation in the estuary.

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If are lucky and have more time available, we have a suggestion for you: don't miss to visit the aristocratic Villas of the Riviera del Brenta (reachable within 20 minutes from our house), reminders of Venice along the riverbank: the spread of the aristocratic villas along the Brenta river was a sign of the power of Venice between the 16th and 17th century.
But we are well connected also with other beautiful places of the surroundings, like Padoua, the city of ST Antony and seat of one of the oldest universities in Europe, and Treviso, encircled by the river Sile.